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Administrative Advisory Council

The Administration Advisory Council (AAC) is designed to interface with the church administrator in coordination with the management, administration and business operations of the church.  The AAC shall provide the necessary support and complement the staff's expertise in the following areas:
   a. Legal Matters
   b. Human Resources
   c. Policy and Procedures
   d. Quality Control


The Finance Committee shall utilize GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Practices) to manage the financial resources received and distributed on behalf of the church.  Our purpose is to provide accurate reporting of all economic activities of the church and to comply with all reporting requirements established by the various financial agencies of our government.  

Facility Programming & Planning

The purpose of the Facility Programming and Planning Ministry is to guide Bible Way through the intricate and highly technical maze of building a physical house to meet the total needs of God’s family.  There are many opportunities to serve:  church program, furnishing, building plans, and construction.

Bible Way Books & Gifts

The purpose of the Book Store is to provide biblical-based resources and other quality products for the spiritual development and ancillary needs of the congregation and the community.  There are many opportunities to serve:  inventory, register operations, organize merchandise, and assist in store operations during business hours.