B.R.O.P. Ministry


 Ministry Leaders

Director – Elder Rogers Wilson
L2 – Bro Carlton Hubbard
L3 – Bro Rico Burch
Activities Coordinator – Bro. Mark Eldridge


Bro Casey Johnson                   Bro Dwon Bolden
Bro Donald Fortner                    Bro Scott Stokes

Ministry Activities

  • Teach and model devotional training
  • Instill and demonstrate proper etiquette
  • Promote and build Christian character
  • Equip students with educational skills

Ministry Opportunities

Guidelines for Mentors:

  • Christian men of Bible Way
  • 1-2 year commitment
  • Complete specific training designed for this program.

Mentoring Activities

  • Give students exposure to real world
  • Develop life skill applications
  • Build self-esteem and discipline
  • Model how A Christian man lives

If you know of any boys that you would like to recommend for this program, please contact
Bro. Carlton Hubbard @ 832-882-2937 or
Bro. Rico Burch @ 478-335-5237.

Purpose of Ministry

What We Do:

An old African proverb states that it takes a village to raise a family. That could not be truer today; especially when we consider the plight of our young minority males. When we look at the high dropout rates and under achievement of these groups and combine that with the over representation of these groups in our penal system, it is clear that some type of intervention is desperately needed. Increase in single parent homes or work load of two parent families, lack of strong moral values, poor parenting skills, increased accessibility to TV, internet, radio, and other communication that promote sex and violence are just a few factors that help explain the negative impact on our youth.

Ministry Philosophy

Biblical Principles:

Spiritually strong men, mentoring, teaching, guiding, and modeling for young men and boys so that they may cross each bridge safely, overcoming the adversities along the way, through the strength and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)


How we pull off the biblical principles:

BROP is a 2 year program that equips young men and boys with the desire to become one with God, to make Disciples of Christ, bearing fruit for the Kingdom through the values of a sound doctrinal education, spiritually, discipline, and respect for all by mentoring them with men of Bible Way Fellowship Baptist Church.

In order to counter the negative effects of society on our youth, we have proposed a strategy called Boys Rites of Passage.

This strategy is a unified, comprehensive, integrated plan of action that relates the strategic advantages of our church to the challenges of the environment.

It is designed to ensure that the basic objectives of our church mission and objectives are achieved.

This effort is an attempt to reach out to the community to positively impact the environment, climate, culture, moral values, and hold true to our established identity.

The emphasis of this program is to target young men ages 11-17 to establish a discipleship/mentoring program to meet the total needs of these males.